Olha Mulska

  Taras Kloba


Challenges of economic instability update the study of their impact on the architecture of economic and consumer behavior of Ukrainian households, which determines their financial capacity. The purpose of the article is to carry out a comparative analysis of the financial capacity of Ukrainian households at the regional level and to identify applied features of consumer behavior in the economic crisis. The object is the financial capacity of Ukrainian households in terms of regions. The subject of research: analysis of different models of behavior of households in Ukraine (consumer, investment, and savings), which will determine the financial orientation of families by region. Research methodology. The methodological tools for assessing the economic behavior of households with the definition of its leading models - consumer, investment, savings, the correlation of which allows to determine the decomposition of the financial capacity of the territory (country, region, community). The methodological approach has been tested, which can serve as a basis for structuring management tasks in terms of strengthening the investment activities of households, ensuring the optimal structure of consumer spending to form the territory's resilience to financial shocks. An analysis of the economic behavior of households, based on the assessment of reflections – consumer, investment, and savings - as a result of the subject's understanding of its financial capacity, expressed in terms of costs and financial resources. The study results can help reflect the state of providing the entity with financial resources. These other tangible and intangible assets may be capitalized shortly and reoriented from consumption and savings to investment purposes of financial capacity of households in Ukraine. Improving the financial condition of households is closely linked to the resumption of economic activity of enterprises, as families are one of the most critical economic categories. An essential tool is an effective regional policy to level interregional disparities and effective long-term strategies for household financial behavior. Particular attention should be paid to financial planning, which is a prerequisite for effective management and control over the financial condition of households, which will balance the structure of income and expenditure, avoid unplanned expenses, rational use of available resources. When it comes to making financial decisions, they are always sensible, planned based on the real needs of household members or the adequacy of financial resources. Prospects for further research will be problem-solving, which is possible only at the state level and requires effective management decisions and the identification of different macroeconomic trends in the national economy.

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economic growth, financial capacity, economic behavior, territory, household, conditions of variability


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