Published: Oct 31, 2022

  Ruslana Lopatiuk


The aim of the article is to study the issues that determine the relationship between the management function and its instrumental apparatus to improve the efficiency of enterprises in the field of catering. Methodology. The management system used and inherent in the network of restaurants in Vinnytsia is investigated in order to identify their effectiveness and determine their strengths and weaknesses. The article analyzes the relationships in the team, which form the basis of personnel management at restaurant business enterprises, because in the conditions of constant socio-economic changes and dynamic development of market relations, the need for effective and professional management personnel is growing. Socio-economic approaches to improving the efficiency of personnel management in the food industry are considered. According to the results of the study, it was found that the implementation of management decisions is influenced by the following factors: material and resource base, training and strategy of the company's management, and the key role is played by the support of the staff. What is the motivational component and what is the main purpose of motivation, psychophysical, personal, professional and material motivators of the behavior of employees of the restaurant chain, as well as the main types of motivation and forms of their stimulation are determined. Practical implications. The main methods of improving the efficiency of personnel management are proposed, taking into account the concepts of corporate culture, leadership development and the use of positive features of the organizational structure of the network. It is argued that employees should be given the opportunity to acquire new skills and move up the hierarchical structure of the restaurant, along with the implementation of incentive motivation policy. This will significantly reduce the outflow of personnel from the enterprise and ensure its effective functioning. Value / originality. The essence of the personnel management system, which is inherent in the network of restaurants in Vinnytsia "Faini spravy" and has a systemic nature, is substantiated, and it is established that the restaurants of this chain need constant improvement of personnel in order to continue to keep pace with modern market challenges. The company should also reduce the costs and time spent on the search for new personnel. To do this, it is necessary to establish closer ties with colleges and universities in Ukraine.

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Lopatiuk, R. (2022). IMPROVING THE METHODS OF PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT OF THE RESTAURANT CHAIN. Three Seas Economic Journal, 3(3), 42-48.
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personnel, leadership, strategy, management, restaurant business, communications


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