Published: Apr 28, 2023

  Volodymyr Parsyak

  Olena Zhukova

  Artem Vashchylenko


The purpose of the work is to analyze the state of affairs in the Ukrainian blue economy. This study limited its scope to regions that are not currently occupied by the Russian army. These are geographical boundaries. In terms of types of economic activity, these include fishing and fish processing, aquaculture, coastal and marine tourism, and maritime transportation. The subject of the study is the theoretical and applied aspects of determining trends in the development of key types of economic activity in the maritime complex. Methodology. The authors used the methods of analysis, synthesis, systematization and generalization to solve the problems that appeared. According to the results of the conducted research, it was found out that governments, research community, academia, business investors are paying more and more attention to the blue economy. The main reason is that the resources humanity has had on land are running out. And there are no other resources on the planet. In addition, there are the economic growth prospects associated with the maritime industry. These are new jobs, the contribution of blue economy enterprises to the improvement of macroeconomic indicators, social stabilization in the coastal regions of coastal states. In this context, it is important to unite the efforts of the coastal states around the urgent problems of developing the resources of the World Ocean. The Black Sea and the countries bordering it are no exception. Each of them is trying to understand what its potential is, what needs to be done to mobilize it, what can be offered to partners for the development and implementation of joint projects. Ukraine has always positioned itself as a maritime power. There are good reasons for this. It has a long coastline, large areas of internal waters, territorial sea and exclusive economic zone. Conclusion. The wealth of new data presented in this article provides valuable insights into important aspects of business activity in key sectors of the Ukrainian blue economy. Now it is possible to better understand its needs and contribution to the development of all stakeholders. The presented generalizations are important for practitioners, especially for owners and management of enterprises.

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Parsyak, V., Zhukova, O., & Vashchylenko, A. (2023). UKRAINE’S BLUE ECONOMY: POTENTIAL AND PROSPECTS FOR INTEGRATION INTO THE EUROPEAN SPACE. Three Seas Economic Journal, 4(1), 58-63.
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Ukraine, Economy, Blue Economy, fisheries, aquaculture, coastal maritime tourism, maritime transport


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