Published: Nov 30, 2022

  Liudmyla Bezuhla

  Tetiana Herasymenko

  Mariia Bieloborodova


The purpose of the paper is to analyze the current state of volunteer tourism in the world, the idea for the future development of such tourism in Ukraine. The authors outlined the distinctive features of this type of tourism, analyzed the current state in Ukraine, and identified the problems that stood in the way of the development of volunteer tourism. Methodology. The survey is based on a comparison of data from the Worlds Volunteer Report 2021, British international charitable organization “Charities Aid Foundation” and International Labor Organization, which conduct research in the field of volunteerism, measuring the achievements of the countries of the world by certain indicators in terms of the attitude of the population to charitable and volunteer assistance. Results of the survey showed that every year in the world the number of people involved in volunteering is growing, but the number of those who make donations is decreasing; a significant aspect for the development of volunteer tourism is the mentality of the country; in developed countries, the number of organizations specializing in volunteer tourism is increasing; for the development of the sphere of volunteer tourism, various stimulating actions are taken. The negative aspects of the development of volunteer tourism were found: main goal of volunteers is the sense of their own importance, new emotions; the lack of appropriate training for volunteers; short staying. Practical implications. The issue of supporting and developing volunteer tourism will remain relevant for a long time, because in our world there are many global environmental and social problems. February 2022, volunteer tourism in European countries near the borders with Ukraine increased several times with the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia on the territory of Ukraine. Value/originality One of the most effective areas of voluntourism cooperation today is the development of joint international social projects, with the involvement of volunteers. The second area of cooperation is the organization of cooperation at the expert level. The third area of cooperation is raising awareness of the Ukrainian population about the development of volunteer activities, volunteer projects and programs.

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Bezuhla, L., Herasymenko, T., & Bieloborodova, M. (2022). VOLUNTEERING AND VOLUNTEER TOURISM: CHALLENGES AND REALITIES. Green, Blue and Digital Economy Journal, 3(2), 1-8. https://doi.org/10.30525/2661-5169/2022-2-1
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volunteer tourism, international volunteer organization, volunteer tourism programs and projects, the current state of development of tourist volunteering


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