Iryna Bezpyata


The aim of this article is an analysis of material well-being level in agrarian sector of economy by productive resources (by land, labour, hardware) providing with that provides efficiency of economic activity and ground of basic directions of the rational bringing in and use of resource potential of agrarian sector of economy in Ukraine in market conditions. Research methodology consists in the use of statistical and economic research methods for analysis of productive resources using modern state of agriculture for period from 2010 to 2014 years. Research results show that the resource providing agrarian sector development can be defined as totality of certain types of resources (land, technological, labour, financial) and sources of their forming, directly participating in the processes of agrarian sector economies development that can be mobilized with the purpose of providing the scale using of their potential possibilities and transition of agriculture to the qualitatively new state. Analysis of the modern state of material well-being of agrarian sector resources of economy in Ukraine is unsatisfactory and with every year gets worse. To overcome this problem agricultural commodity producers are unable only by themselves. For the improvement of the economic state of agrarian sector of economy in whole country and regional state support of home agricultural producer, stimulation of his activity is needed. And first of all the self-weighted investment policy of the state should become such measures in the agrarian sector of economy that will allow bringing in of greater amount of investment resources for the improvement of technical equipment at agricultural enterprises, development of production co-operation and products sale, introduction of personnel management modern methodology, increase in labour activity level in agrarian sector, realization of the permanent updating and increase in products quality control, etc. Practical value. Got results in the process of research can be drawn on in practical activity of agricultural commodity producers, management organs at regional and national level on increasing of resource potential using efficiency in agrarian sector of economy. Value/originality. Research results allow defining basic directions for increasing of resource potential using efficiency in agrarian sector of economy. One of terms of efficiency introduction, competitive and high-performance agricultural production is investment activity that is sent to financing of the projects and programs, related to development of agrarian economy sector. Investment activity is based on investment policy of the state, clear legislative field, set priorities and directions and sent to forming of effective management mechanism by investments, creation of economically advantageous terms that would stimulate stock accumulations and its effective use, taking into account realities and specific of agrarian economy sector.

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Bezpyata, I. (2016). ANALYSIS OF AGRARIAN SECTOR RESOURCE PROVIDING IN UKRAINE. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 2(3), 4-9.
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agricultural sector, land resources, labour resources, technical and technological providing of agrarian sector, plant-grower, stock-raising.


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