Tatiana Nazarova


The purpose of the article is to determine the economic content of the category of financial capacity, the study of the influence of the main factors affecting the operation of the industrial enterprises financial potential, as well as the rationale for the selection of best management practices. For every Ukrainian industrial enterprise is an urgent problem of the formation of optimal financial resources to ensure the stable operation of the enterprise, financial stability and solvency. The question remains effective financial capacity management system, taking into account the current realities of the Ukrainian economy. The study highlighted the direction of the management process financial potential of the industrial enterprises. The components and elements of the financial potential of the control system and its functional units. Methodology. Data for the study were taken from scientific publications and legislation. The methods of general scientific knowledge, as well as integrated assessment models, is to develop and study the dynamics of the integral index, built on a clearly identified mechanism of mathematical relationships. Results. On the basis of a generalized approach to the definition of "financial potential" category author suggested his own definition of this category, offered economic components of financial capacity. Practical implication. The result of this study is on the direction of cash flow optimization in the enterprise at the expense of control financial flows. Formation of current funding matrix with the release of surplus area, and a balanced current funding deficit. Value/originality. On the basis of the study proved that the implementation of this approach facilitates the development of highquality management decisions on the development of a financial management plan for the financial flows in an industrial plant, consequently, will increase its competitiveness.

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Nazarova, T. (2016). FINANCIAL CAPACITY OF INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISE. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 2(3), 141-145.
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financial potential, industrial enterprise, financial stability, the current funding.


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