Olena Artemenko

  Lubov Krupnova

  Lіudmyla Kurylo

  Svitlana Kovalova

  Liliia Kniazka


The article analyzes the state guarantee of citizens' right to quality medical care in terms of vaccination against COVID-19. It has been established that in modern conditions it is extremely important to ensure the proper functioning of health care, the provision of quality medical services, which, in turn, will guarantee proper medical care. At the time when the world has already entered the stage of eradicating coronavirus disease, through mass vaccination, the role of state regulation of these activities increases significantly. The state must provide Ukrainian citizens not only with vaccines, but also with reliable information about the need for vaccination. It turns out that the small number of vaccinated people in Ukraine is not only due to the slow pace of procurement and vaccination, but also to the lack of awareness of citizens about all the benefits of the need for vaccination. The main vaccination rates in the world and Ukraine as of mid-April 2021 have been determined. It is concluded that the positive in today's conditions are: the efforts of the legislator still not to influence the subjective choice of every resident of Ukraine on the need for vaccination; regulatory support of the Center for Public Health, which in turn will strengthen the network of regional Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (СDC); creation of a Roadmap for the introduction of a vaccine against acute respiratory disease COVID-19 caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. At the same time, negative aspects remain: public ignorance of the importance of vaccination, the slow pace of vaccination, and delays in approving the necessary vaccine doses, which in turn undermine the authority of the state and its bodies in the context of human rights to quality health care. Proposals are made to focus the attention of public authorities and local governments on the information component of ensuring the right of citizens to quality health care in the context of vaccination against COVID-19.

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Artemenko, O., Krupnova, L., Kurylo, L., Kovalova, S., & Kniazka, L. (2021). THE IMPORTANCE OF THE STATE ENSURING THE RIGHT OF CITIZENS TO QUALITY MEDICAL CARE IN THE CONTEXT OF THE VACCINATION OF COVID-19. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 7(5), 260-267.
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citizens, legal culture, medical care, COVID-19, state authorities


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