Serhii Romaniuk

  Halyna Studinska


Resolving urgent social and economic problems in Ukraine requires a special approach, choosing large-scale integration instruments of government measures implementation that can reproduce and guide the development of the country in the right direction, which include territory branding. The subject of the study is a system of management of the set of brands of the national economy, its subjects, objects and public connections between them. The purpose of the article is to define the architecture of a national brand with appropriate levels of a hierarchy and justification of the impact vector of the management system of brands at each level of the hierarchy. Research methodology. During the research, systematic general principles of communication and development are used, which allowed disclosing the dialectic relationship between management methods at every level of the hierarchy. To achieve the goal, there are used: a synergetic approach to the integrated use of commercial, noncommercial brands and regional brands of the country; management approach to the country brand management process in specific market conditions; situational approach to the consideration of a brand as a tool for solving complex social, economic, environmental and political problems of the country. The object of the research is Ukraine. Conclusions of the research. The success of the establishment and functioning of a brand-oriented national economy and corresponding management system depends primarily on the joint efforts of government, private business and a wide public; the integrated approach to the management process organization, as well as consideration of the current situation in the country and its potential. Practical implications. The implementation of a brand-oriented model of the national economy is able to overcome the current socio-economic problems of the country, ensure its economic and political security, greatly improve the welfare of citizens through the optimization of the system of its elements management at all levels of architecture.

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Romaniuk, S., & Studinska, H. (2017). THE COUNTRY BRAND AS A FORM OF THE STATE ADMINISTRATION. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 3(1), 69-74.
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national brand architecture, country brand management system, commercial, non-commercial, territorial brands.


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