Denis Kislov

  Yevgenia Horobei


Goal of the paper. The goal of this article is to define the nature, specific features and factors pertaining to the advertising agency marketing management. One of the tools is the use of non-standard approaches to
management of advertising agencies, which under certain conditions makes it possible to improve the situation and to bring the agency to a new higher level as well as to improve the efficiency of its functioning in the conditions of transformational economy of Ukraine. Methodology. Monitoring of the marketing behavior of agencies that promote advertising services. The results of monitoring and analysis demonstrated that the majority of agencies have a disorganized approach to the agency marketing, which results in sporadic activities related to the use and organization of agency marketing. Only individual agencies begin to form their own marketing strategy for the implementation of which marketing budgets are allocated. The main marketing functions of a Ukrainian advertising agency have been identified. Practical value. Rapid development of technologies, sophistication and increased variety of goods and services, reduction of their life cycle, higher customer demands, the growth of volume and speed of obtaining information, increased competition – all these changes that are taking place in the external
environment make the Ukrainian companies that provide advertising services search for new approaches to ensure better adaptation to these conditions. Uncertainty, unpredictability and instability of the external environment will continue to grow. Therefore, the companies that provide advertising services need to constantly adapt not only to the existing conditions but also ensure that they are able to quickly react in the future. The basic precondition for success is stability of the quality that is achieved through strategic planning, fine-tuned search system, efficient management, which encourages creation of a position of quality assurance director or manager, who would be responsible for the standards of client service quality. According to the monitoring results, agencies begin to form their own marketing strategies, for the implementation of which marketing budgets are allocated, which will facilitate the search for new customers. Relevance/originality. Based on the received data, further development of the advertising market may be determined by the development of other commodity markets, and first of all – by an increased volume of the consumer goods market.

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Kislov, D., & Horobei, Y. (2016). ADVERTISING AGENCY MARKETING MANAGEMENT. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 1(1), 98-104.
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sales volume, management of goods, pricing, marketing department, advertising services, advertising agency.


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