Natalia Maslii

  Natalia Zakharchenko

  Luydmila Kostolonova


This article analyses the theoretical foundations of outsourcing and the focus of the outsourcing market in Ukraine. The criteria of assessment for the transfer of business functions to outsourcing are determined and EMEA evaluated according to these criteria. The aim of this work is to study the international outsourcing of services and the implementation of analysis of the characteristics of the process of selecting areas for the transfer of business functions to international outsourcing, and in this context to determine the prospects for Ukrainian companies in this market. Methodology. The study is based on the estimation of the states of the EMEA on the key criteria for transferring business functions to outsourcing. When assessing countries, factors are used, which are important indicators of the economic and political climate in the country, and you need to consider when choosing where to send the direction to outsourcing. The assessment of the countries is conducted on a number of criteria such as: labour cost in the country, the attitude to private property, foreign languages’ skills (in the language of the country of the customer), availability of developed infrastructure, government support, and implemented under this context measures of state regulation, etc. Results of the evaluation showed that over the past few years in many countries, there has been rather significant activity aimed at improving the country’s attractiveness as an international outsourcers, including in Ukraine, so Ukraine has all the prerequisites to occupy a worthy place in the market players of international outsourcing and thus get all the benefits of scientific and technical development and integration in the innovation sector of the world economy. Practical implications. The research is needed for the classification of countries according to their attractiveness because each customer has their own priorities when choosing a supplier and in order to highlight strengths and weaknesses inherent in a particular country. Also, the study is intended to help potential customers of outsourcing services to identify the most suitable locations for the transfer of business functions to international outsourcing. Value/originality. The findings of the study can provide a better understanding of such a category as international outsourcing and help customers of outsourcing services to conduct their own assessment of the transmission of their business functions to international outsourcers.

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Maslii, N., Zakharchenko, N., & Kostolonova, L. (2017). PECULIARITIES OF THE INTERNATIONAL OUTSOURCING SERVICES: UKRAINIAN PERSPECTIVES. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 3(2), 86-92.
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outsourcing, international outsourcing, IT outsourcing, Ukrainian PI account, EMEA, evaluation criteria, evaluation.


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