Published: May 23, 2023

  Lilia Derman

  Bohdan Skovronskyi

  Serhii Rusakov


The purpose of the article is to summarize and present the life cycles of the Ukrainian fashion industry, its origin and development within its period, and in particular, during the period of full-scale Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Methodology. The specifics of the study logically influenced its methodological foundations. As a result, the following methods were used: analysis, synthesis, analogy, comparative history and systematic approaches. This methodological framework allowed to compare the growth and development of the fashion industry in Ukraine and worldwide in historical, cultural and fashion discourses. The findings presented in this paper are based on research conducted with associations, agencies and retailers in Ukraine. Results. The study highlights the potential and direction of development of the Ukrainian fashion industry, as well as the economic situation and changes in consumer behavior during the years of Ukraine's independence and the war period. Practical implications. In times of war, the younger generation has higher income expectations than the market currently provides. The older generation, on the other hand, has shown greater caution and frugality, as well as lower income expectations. In such a situation, it is crucial to promote creative businesses that can provide high-paying jobs for the younger generation, as well as the garment industry that appeals to older workers. Scientific novelty. The concretization of the scientific novelty is represented in the understanding of the essence of the fashion business in Ukraine and its potential impact on the solution of socio-cultural, economic and environmental problems. The importance of further development of the fashion industry in Ukraine in the context of contemporary transformations is outlined.

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Derman, L., Skovronskyi, B., & Rusakov, S. (2023). FASHION INDUSTRY IN UKRAINE: DEVELOPMENT AND PROSPECTS. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 9(2), 118-128.
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fashion industry, art industry, designer brands, cultural brands, retail, international subcontracting, creative economy, relocation, changing the business line, investment, sustainable development


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