Published: May 23, 2023

  Nataliia Tsybko

  Oleksandr Struchok

  Olena Kolomytseva


The work is devoted to the study of the activities of companies in the field of mechanical engineering under martial law. Methodology. The study used general scientific methods, in particular: theoretical generalization; methods of positive and normative analysis and statistical analysis. The subject of the study is manufacturing enterprises that are an integral part of the market economy. It is manufacturing enterprises that are the basis of the entire social development of the country. They have a key role of primary care of the national economy, satisfying the needs of society, namely: is the process of creating material goods necessary for its existence and development. Production is vulnerable to external factors: economic, political, legal. These factors are interrelated, and their stable functioning leads to the smooth operation of enterprises. The war significantly changed and limited the conditions for the functioning of the production sector, affected partnerships, export and import activities, logistics, personnel issues, the stability of enterprises was shaken and their number in Ukraine decreased. The purpose of the article. Study of the conditions and peculiarities of the functioning of machine-building enterprises in the conditions of war and the role of partnerships to support their stable operation in the industrial market of Ukraine. Currently, more and more Ukrainian researchers are studying changes in the functioning of enterprises during martial law, their ability to withstand crisis phenomena, and ways to involve and support the national economy. In the works of M.I. Zveryakov economic models of development of enterprises in new economic realities are studied; G.O. Shchigelska considers the impact of a new stage of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the economy; Humenyuk V.V. analyzes foreign experience of post-war management transformation economy of the country; I.O. Korostova considers the marketing component of development of enterprises during the war; O.G. Doroshenko substantiates and proposes priority measures and ways of revival of Ukrainian economy in wartime. Research conclusion. The peculiarities of the functioning of manufacturing enterprises in the current state and the need to support the stable are studied the ability of the industrial market to reduce the negative impact of the war on the economy of Ukraine. The article examines the impact of partnerships on the activities of enterprises, identifies the main risks faced by manufacturing enterprises during the war, as well as explores new directions for the preservation and development of enterprises and general changes in the industrial market. The authors highlight the measures that will help improve the operation of manufacturing enterprises under martial law. The role of partnerships as the main mechanism of production enterprises is also revealed, and the importance of consolidating a common goal is characterized.

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Tsybko, N., Struchok, O., & Kolomytseva, O. (2023). PARTNERSHIP SUPPORT AND FUNCTIONING OF ENTERPRISES DURING MARTIAL LAW. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 9(2), 216-221.
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industrial market, manufacturing enterprises, mechanical engineering, martial law, partnerships


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