Svetlana Lanets


This paper is aimed at drawing attention to the current situation and further development of the banking sector in Russia. In particular, it seeks to discuss ways to improve the financial stability of banks. The article looks at the banking system, describes the important role of banks in the economy of the country and establishes correlation between stability of banks and socioeconomic development of the country. It is underlined that the stability of banks is one of the key factors in economic growth. The article analyzes how the banking system has settled after the financial crisis. The focus of the article is on the characteristics of the current financial crisis, compares it to the previous ones and describes the impact of the crisis to the banks. In particular, in the frame of this publication we present the analysis of the features of crisis impact on regional banks and the possibility of losing them in near future. This paper emphasizes the impact of the banking system on the country's economy and demonstrates the importance of financial stability of the banks. Moreover the article underlines a set of financial – economic/bank – government approaches to the issue of improving financial stability in the contemporary financial crisis. The paper summarizes the government role in the time of modern financial crisis and describes the existing strategies of the state. At the same time article shows the dual role of the government activities in preventing to put the finance sector under such stress as on the one hand it helps banks to increase the capitalization of banks while on the other hand it introduces Basel 3 principles, which reduce capital. The study is based on the methods of analysis, comparison, statistical data and theoretical generalization. The scientific and theoretical part of the survey is based on the official statistics and data from the Central Bank. We believe that the issue of bank’s stability, especially in this uncertain time, has not received sufficient attention, and the application of banks stability in man¬aging development remains limited. The study of underlying facts showed the necessity of further government interference in order to modernize the national banking system. The findings also suggest the need for implementation of new methods for developing regional banks in order to enhance their competitiveness. The facts point to the urge to develop a more efficient system to support the current banking management.

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Lanets, S. (2016). FINANCIAL STABILITY OF BANKS IN TIMES OF CRISIS. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 1(1), 122-125.
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financial stability, financial crisis, government support, regional banks, Basel 3.


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