Published: Jun 7, 2018

  Larіsa Jankovska

  Vyacheslav Tylchyk

  Iryna Khomyshyn


The purpose of this article is to characterize legal and economic basis for ensuring national economic security in the conditions of Ukraine’s entry into a common European economic and political space. This article analyses approaches to the understanding of economic security in the meaning of legal regulation and explores its interrelation with national security. The context of legal regulation, which is directly related to sovereignty and protection of the national interests, the possible threats affecting the state of national economic performance are distinguished. It is noted that the problems of domestic economic development of Ukraine, dynamic changes that take place within the global economic space, and increase of the extent of national economy’s openness stipulate the need to study the scope of “economic security” category taking into account peculiarities of modern economic system development that will allow timely identifying the threats to national economic interests and preventing damage to the entire social and economic system. At the same time, a special attention is paid to the fact that despite different ways of the state management of the economy, many of them are implemented specifically in the legal form. The point was stressed that legal regulation of the economic system of Ukraine should be carried out in two priority areas: first was a normative codification of the adopted mechanisms that developed as a result of the natural economic influence patterned and second was the direction of economic development to achieve interests of the state and the society within the framework of the European integration. Establishment of the effective legal and regulatory framework of the economy in Ukraine is quite a reachable goal. Legal regulation of the economic area must be flexible and it must timely and optimally respond to internal and external changes that will allow enhancing substantially national economic security. Practical importance of the scientific research results lies in detailing the “economic security” concept in the context of legal regulation, which is important for the successful social and economic development of the state, and it contributes to the identification of factors hindering economic development, it facilitates development and further improvement of the legal framework governing economic area and having impact on development of an effective economic crisis exit strategy. National economic security is not just one of the most important elements of the entire national security system as a scope of the national interests’ protection but it is also a basic, critically important condition for observance and implementation of national interests. In view of the stated above, scientific researches in this area are relevant and timely within the period of search for the priorities of national economic policy. Methodology. A methodological framework of the economic security research is defined by a complex of scientific cognition methods that allow us to look at this problem as a multi-aspect, interdisciplinary phenomenon. On the basis of the system-based, structural, systemic-functional, and other scientific approaches, the idea of the economic security has formed a complex systemic category covering the theoretical and practical level of economic activity.

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Jankovska, L., Tylchyk, V., & Khomyshyn, I. (2018). NATIONAL ECONOMIC SECURITY: AN ECONOMIC AND LEGAL FRAMEWORK FOR ENSURING IN THE CONDITIONS OF THE EUROPEAN INTEGRATION. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 4(1), 350-357.
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economic security, national security, legal regulation of economic area, threats to economic security


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