Aleksandr Maslak

  Ihor Kutscenko


The subject of the research is a set of theoretical, methodological and practical fundamentals of organizational and economic functioning are integrated agricultural formations in the grain market of Ukraine. The methodological basis of research is the complex analysis of economic processes in the grain market in Ukraine and the world. During research we used such methods as method of systematization and comparison, statistic, economic, balance, constructive, target-oriented, and the methods of induction and deduction, analogy and comparison. Main aim of this article is the analysis of the situation on the grain market in Ukraine, defining the role of integrated agricultural formations in this market, improving the organizational-economic mechanism of its functioning, identifies ways of improving the competitiveness of Ukraine among world exporters of grain. Using results of the studies we examined trends grain market in Ukraine; influence of businesses in grain production; analysis of constraints to improve production efficiency of grain; defined domestic (internal) needs of grain in Ukraine; assessed the status and expediency transformation infrastructure of the grain market of Ukraine; defined priority directions of development of the grain market in Ukraine. As a result of the preparation of articles, it is obtained the following conclusions: Ukraine is the world's largest producers and exporters of grain, the production of integrated agricultural units to a third of the total grain; technical condition of farm does not meet the needs of production; the domestic market is unable to provide the existing demand for grain production, contributing to export growth; Ukraine has a number of problems due to increased grain production, namely the shortage of storage capacity for the storage of grain, limited performance transshipment of grain in port elevators and imperfection and depreciation of transport systems; solving the existing problems is possible through the implementation of state and regional programs, implementation of joint projects with partner companies and the purchase of equipment and facilities through leasing programs. As a result of the development of logistics infrastructure of grain market provides employment generation, value-added products that will increase revenues to the state and local budgets. Besides Ukraine reach the strategic goal of producing 80 mln. tons of grain and strengthen positions in the global agricultural market.

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Maslak, A., & Kutscenko, I. (2015). DEVELOPMENT OF GRAIN MARKET IN UKRAINE. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 1(2), 77-82.
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grain market, integrated agricultural farm, grain production, the world grain market.


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