Published: Oct 12, 2018

  Vitalii Bocheliuk


The article analyses economics socialization of the country. The purpose of the article is to study the essence and peculiarities of economics socialization and the formation of conceptual foundations for its development. The subject of the study is theoretical and practical aspects of economics socialization in the formation of the system of economic relations in the country. In course of the study, the following methods were used: system analysis, graphical analysis, a logical generalization of results. The transformation of social and economic relations of Ukraine requires the search for new ways, their rationalization that justifies the necessity of economic socialization. In addition, modern type of society is characterized by the transition to a new level of social development, characterized by the introduction of innovations in the field of material and human capital resources. Due to this, a person is not only an important factor of economics but also an engine for development of social and economic systems of the society, which requires, in its turn, the formation of conditions for a harmonious and comprehensive development of personality as a carrier of human capital and a creator of new knowledge. In order to justify the directions of the country’s socially oriented economic development as one of the important indicators of economic growth, a conceptual scheme is proposed that includes: development of human capital, formation of innovative economics, increasing the use of a country’s resource potential, implementation of social policy aimed at improving life quality of the population. Based on the analysis of indicators of a country’s social and economic development, the characteristics of their impact on the level of economics socialization are given.

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Bocheliuk, V. (2018). ECONOMICS SOCIALIZATION AS A NEW PARADIGM OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 4(3), 28-32.
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economics socialization, development, society, country


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