Published: Oct 12, 2018

  Valentyn Halunko

  Iurii Chyzhmar

  Kseniia Kurkova


In order to create a well-functioning mechanism for the operation of the transport complex of the national economy of Ukraine and to increase the competitiveness of domestic transport in the world transport markets, a number of problems facing transport enterprises and the transport infrastructure of Ukraine in general need to be solved. The main issues are: a low level of service, non-compliance of the technical and technological level of domestic transport with European requirements, lagging development of transport services technologies, unsatisfactory level of transportation safety, a significant environmental load of transport to the environment, etc. The International Transport Corridor is a complex of land and water traffic arteries with appropriate infrastructure in a particular direction, including auxiliary structures, access roads, border crossings, service points, cargo and passenger terminals, equipment for traffic management, organizational and technical measures, legislative and regulatory acts that ensure the carriage of goods and passengers at the level corresponding to the requirements of the European Community. ITC №№ 3, 5, 7, 9 pass the territory of Ukraine and have a priority development in the national transport network. Relevant innovations that should support the transport industry and improve the service of providing transport services are as follows: electronic freight technology and single-window technology as a factor of acceleration of cargo movement; introduction of electronic document flow in logistics and transport activities (e.g., implementation of projects of electronic submission of information, electronic booking of queues, electronic declaration); development and implementation of standards for electronic document flow; methods of management and control over transportation costs in order to reduce the cost of delivery of goods by vehicles; application of cloud technologies and mobile devices; management of delivery terms; creation of new supply chains/transport corridors and multimodal formats, etc. The advantage of electronic document flow is that this system allows quickly sharing information. This is the implementation of single-window principle in transport terminals, where the most labour-intensive processes are associated with the processing of documents – both on arrival of cargo and on shipment. Therefore, it provides an opportunity to accelerate the time to handle a fairly large amount of information, multimodality – the possibility to transfer information from one mode of transport to another and make decisions at the junctions of transport modes. To date, the UIS has been used in the most developed ports, airports, and other intensive border crossing points in the world, attempts have been made to use it in Odesa, Illichivsk, “Yuzhnyi”, and Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi ports. For developing the mentioned structural transformations, we propose to introduce an improved organizational-economic mechanism of regulation of innovative activity. The proposed structure should have inherent functions related to the state innovation and investment policy in the transport and road complex, which will allow ensuring the effectiveness of the organizational-economic mechanism for regulating the innovation activity of transport enterprises.

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Halunko, V., Chyzhmar, I., & Kurkova, K. (2018). MODERN MECHANISM OF STRENGTHENING INNOVATIVE ACTIVITY OF TRANSPORT ENTERPRISES. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 4(3), 33-41.
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transport enterprises, international transport corridors, innovative activity, Single Window, UIS European Association, organizational-economic mechanism, mechanism improvement


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