Published: Dec 11, 2018

  Ihor Bohdaniuk

  Vladyslav Kolisnichenko

  Olena Ustymenko


The aim of the article is to review the audit as a form of control of the State Financial Inspection of Ukraine and to analyse its forms and types. The subject of the study is the audit as a form of control of the State Financial Inspection of Ukraine. Research methodology. The research is based on the use of general scientific and specialscientific methods and techniques of scientific knowledge. The dialectical method made it possible to investigate the definition of the audit as a form of control of the State Financial Inspection of Ukraine and the procedure for its appointment. The comparative legal method was used in order to compare doctrinal approaches to this issue. Interpretation of the content of normative legal acts of domestic legislation was carried out with the help of the normative-dogmatic method. These acts regulate the problem of appointment and conduction of the audit. The system-structural method was used for the study of the audit institution as a whole (system) with the coordinated functioning of all its elements. Methods of analysis and synthesis helped to study some parts of this institute to formulate further conclusions about its most optimal functioning. Practical impact. The analysis of types of audits, as well as their characteristic features, helped to develop recommendations for improving the procedure for conducting audits by the State Financial Inspection of Ukraine, as well as to identify problematic issues that require further consideration and research. Correlation/originality. In the research, there was made a proposal about audits, which are carried out by the State Financial Inspection of Ukraine and its territorial bodies. The proposal was to make them a form of forecasting control. It was recommended to qualify the fact of prevention the officials of the controlling body from carrying out the audit, checking or not providing the necessary documents for audit and verification as an administrative offense. A special attention was paid to the timeliness of the selection of explanations from the involved persons during the detection of offenses.

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Bohdaniuk, I., Kolisnichenko, V., & Ustymenko, O. (2018). AUDIT AS A FORM OF CONTROL OF THE STATE FINANCIAL INSPECTION OF UKRAINE. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 4(5), 31-35.
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audit, form, control, State Financial Inspection of Ukraine, financial control


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