Published: Dec 11, 2018

  Mykhailo Pitiulych

  Anatolii Poliakh

  Mykola Pakhnin


The aim of the article is to disclose problematic issues, which are connected with financial and legal norms, as well as legal means and the mechanism for their implementation. The subject of the study is the financial and legal norms: legal means and the mechanism for their implementation. Methodology. The study is based on the dialectical method of scientific knowledge and general scientific methods, which are based on it, such as: analysis, comparison, analogy, induction and others. Results of the conducted study have shown the theoretical aspects of the implementation of financial and legal norms and their features. Particular attention is paid to the implementation of the law, which takes one of the main places among the pressing problems of legal science, despite the fact that a special theoretical analysis of the implementation of financial law in the legal literature is quite rare. During the analysis of this issue in the presented study, the question about the content and number of legal means in the mechanism of financial and legal regulation is set in the first place. Another problem, which is studied, is the impact of various determining factors on the procedure for the implementation of financial law. Practical impact. The author analyses the features of the forms of implementation of financial and legal norms, the legal regulation of relations developing in connection with the observance, use, execution, and application of these norms on the bases of the general theoretical approaches of law. Correlation/originality. After the legal analysis and analysis of the scientific literature, it was defined that the mechanism for the implementation of financial and legal norms today faces a number of unresolved problems in financial relations.

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Pitiulych, M., Poliakh, A., & Pakhnin, M. (2018). FINANCIAL AND LEGAL NORMS: LEGAL MEANS AND MECHANISM OF IMPLEMENTATION. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 4(5), 271-275.
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implementation of financial law, financial law, compliance, use, execution, application of financial law


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