Olena Bondarenko

  Oksana Kichuk

  Andrii Antonov


The international experience of various countries of the world in the implementation, usage, and economic and legal status of cryptocurrency is compared in this research. The advantages and disadvantages of using cryptocurrency at the present stage of economic and scientific-technical development of Ukraine are considered. The results of the research of the awareness of market participants regarding the advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency and the presence of interest in the usage of cryptocurrency are given. The aim of this article is to study the possibilities of using cryptocurrency for economic development. The object of the research is the process of using cryptocurrency in the market in Ukraine, taking into account world experience. Practical implications. The results of a study of the demand for cryptocurrency in Ukraine. The research was conducted with the help of a questionnaire, as a result of which it was found out: the level of awareness of cryptocurrency; subjective perception of cryptocurrency; sources of awareness of cryptocurrency; the presence of the potential interest of Ukrainians in the acquisition of cryptocurrency. It was found what exactly Ukrainians consider the main advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency. Value/originality. Cryptocurrency as a means of payment and a type of electronic money is found in the most countries of the world in the “grey” zone, and regulators, if not prohibit, then at least do not recommend citizens to invest in such assets. However, the state of science and technology development of blockchain technologies, which are the basis of cryptocurrency, and the state of demand for cryptocurrency in the Ukrainian market are ready to use cryptocurrency. For the effective implementation of cryptocurrency, Ukraine lacks only the normative framework. Developing a regulatory framework in this area will help to bring cryptocurrency markets to stability. The introduction of international experience in the usage of cryptocurrency in Ukraine, the creation of own model of behaviour will be the first step towards building a transparent and understandable cryptocurrency market, which will lead to the development of the economy as a whole.

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Bondarenko, O., Kichuk, O., & Antonov, A. (2019). THE POSSIBILITIES OF USING INVESTMENT TOOLS BASED ON CRYPTOCURRENCY IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE NATIONAL ECONOMY. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 5(2), 10-17.
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cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, demand for cryptocurrency, digital money


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