Tetiana Drakokhrust

  Iryna Prodan

  Uliana Tkach


Transformational processes in the global economy are due to strengthening the integration of national economies, increasing transnationalization, deepening internationalization of production and exchange, are accompanied by the activation of migration challenges. The purpose of the article is to examine and analyse the migration challenges, their development trends and the potential consequences for Ukraine’s and countries of Eastern Europe economic potential. To achieve the goal, the study focuses on the following tasks: to consider and analyse the main factors that have a direct impact on the socio-economic development of the country, such as the activation of international mobility of the Ukrainian people, armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, the introduction of a visa-free regime with the EU; to make a socio-economic analysis of migration processes in the countries of Eastern Europe; to consider and analyse the possible (potential) scenario of the development of the impact of migration challenges on the Ukrainian economy; to offer recommendations on mitigating the negative manifestations of the current migration challenges for Ukraine. Methodology. In the process of writing the article, methods of scientific abstraction, observation, synthesis of generalization were used to distinguish key socio-economic factors influencing migration challenges. The information and analytical base for the study of migratory challenges is the monographic works of foreign and domestic economists devoted to international migration, materials and analytical reports of international organizations dealing with migration (International Organization for Migration, International Labor Organization, United Nations Population and Development Commission, World Bank and others), regulatory and statistical data of the state authorities of Ukraine, results of scientific research of the Institute of Demography and Social Research after M. V. Ptukha NASU, Internet resources. The practical significance of the scientific research is to clarify the migration challenges, their development trends and potential implications for the economic potential of Ukraine on the basis of macroeconomic indicators; the likely economic consequences of the introduction of a visafree regime for the European Union for Ukraine and the projected tendencies of migration challenges as proposed scenarios, indicating developers and prospects for forecasting.

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Drakokhrust, T., Prodan, I., & Tkach, U. (2019). MIGRATION CHALLENGES: TRENDS AND IMPLICATIONS FOR UKRAINE AND COUNTRIES OF EASTERN EUROPE. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 5(2), 30-37. https://doi.org/10.30525/2256-0742/2019-5-2-30-37
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migration, migratory challenges, migration processes, economic development, migrants, internally displaced persons, visa-free regime, armed conflict, international migration


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