Svetlana Tereschenko

  Elena Diachenko


Research subject. This report examines the current situation in poultry egg sector development in countries of Eastern Europe, features and challenges for Ukrainian eggs sector. The aim of the work is to summarize theoretical and practical aspects of improving the economic efficiency of poultry industry enterprises, to analyse the current state of the organization of egg poultry production, to develop and substantiate general recommendations for improving the state of the poultry industry at specialized enterprises. The methodology of the study includes statistical methods and methods of economic and comparative analysis, etc. The article presents the results of research on the dynamics of poultry development in Eastern Europe and Ukraine in particular. The movement of poultry, the level of poultry production and the production of chicken eggs, consumption of poultry products are analysed. The functional and organizational structure of the poultry business in Ukraine is developed. The general structure of poultry production allocation is provided, which proves the formation of poultry farming as an industrial business and reduction in the share of poultry keeping in households due to the concentration of production in specialized enterprises. The main producers of poultry products in Ukraine are revised. The dynamics of sales prices for chicken eggs and main factors influencing its annual fluctuations are investigated. The export potential of poultry farming is analysed, as well as the main importer countries of Ukrainian poultry production. The issue of modern challenges and problem areas of production of the corresponding products is investigated, concerning less manoeuvrability of small poultry farms, their inability to influence the conjuncture of the poultry market. The main threats to the activities of enterprises are named, first of all, by external factors: the economic situation in the country, which affects purchasing power of buyers, the level of egg prices, increased competition from large enterprises and enterprises of EU member states, livestock diseases and the epidemiological situation in the country. The analysis of the possibilities of further development of poultry farms, taking into account the existing potential and modern poultry business problems, is carried out. The main directions for improving production with the aim of improving the efficiency of the poultry industry are determined: improving biotechnological processes, providing a set of measures improving poultry, compliance stocking density of birds in the poultry house, proper nutrition by scientifically grounded norms of consumption of nutrients and elements; improvement of methodological basis of state supervision over the quality and safety of food products and raw materials; creation of modern instrumental analytical framework and quality control and safety of food raw materials and foodstuffs, etc.

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Tereschenko, S., & Diachenko, E. (2019). UKRAINE’S PLACE AND CHALLENGES IN THE EASTERN EUROPEAN PRODUCTION OF CHICKEN EGGS. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 5(2), 214-220.
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poultry business, agribusiness, economic efficiency of poultry, poultry subcomplex, export of egg products


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