Nadezhda Bova


The purpose of the paper is to define and demonstrate the role of deposit policy for banking institutions, summarize and highlight the problems and its solutions in deposit policy of Ukraine that provides economic downturn and recovery. Appropriate selection and implementation of the deposit policy objectives, its operational structure and tools determines the degree of development of financial inclusion, which generate developed financial market, ensures public confidence to the deposit services, and increases the level of savings that positively affects the banking system financial stability and economy in the country in whole. It is because of availability and security deposit services, commercial banks of Ukraine have the opportunity to increase its resource base due to savings of the population. Methodology. The paper is based on a synthesis of data to explore the bank deposit policy situation. The paper considers the scientific and theoretical approaches for the developing the deposit policy management. It contains the analysis of the dynamics and current situation and conditions of the resource potential of banking institutions in Ukraine. Results of the article shows direct dependency between savings, consumption and deposit policy, therefore every banking institution includes the mechanism of banking management of the development and implementation of deposit policy. Also, this management defines the deposit policy directions according to the conditions of bank resources mobilization and its applying in active operations. The obtained results confirm that the term “deposit policy” is too complex, but it is investigated in interaction with banking activity. It is explained how deposit policy influences banking system and has impact on economic growth in general. Practical implications. The research creates methodological approaches to the measurement of effectiveness of deposit policy. Also, it studies the existing ones. It provides the possibility to define which of the approaches works in non-stable economic situation and which ones not. The paper has the aim to assess the deposit policy opportunities in balancing and ensuring financial stability of the banking system of Ukraine in the period of economic growth and during the financial instability. Value/originality. Despite of the presence of significant scientific results in this field, deposit policy, today there is no established scientific literature and a comprehensive vision regarding the necessary focus and exposure mechanisms of deposit policy for the banking system. It determines the need to formalize the conceptual framework and the necessary conditions for a financial inclusiveness, deepening scientific and methodological basis of research deposit policy. This article provides the author’s view on the important role of deposit policy for banking institutions and national economy in general.

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Bova, N. (2015). ROLE OF DEPOSIT POLICY FOR UKRAINIAN BANKING INSTITUTIONS. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 1(1), 42-46.
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deposit policy, savings, banking institutions, bank resources mobilization, banking management, bank resources.


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