Nataliia Kraus

  Oleksandr Marchenko


Purpose of the scientific research. Purpose of the research is to present the features of formation and content of innovative-digital entrepreneurship as the foundation on which Industry X.0 is built in the conditions of new virtual reality and technologies that change the business in the direction of its digitalization. The object of the scientific research. The object of the scientific research is the process of digitalization of business activity as a key link in the formation of Industry X.0 through the prism of CFO-3600 competencies in terms of virtual reality, to indicate the features of digital transformation of the enterprise with Office 365. Methodology. On the basis of dialectical, systemic and matrix methods the digitalization of enterprises is investigated, which determines new quality and format of business work in new virtual reality. The comparative analysis of innovative-digital spaces that determine networking in the development of Industry X.0 is used. The result of the article. Key innovation problems that need to be solved in the conditions of formation of Industry X.0 are presented, among which are named: innovation infrastructure and financing innovation, capability to generate knowledge, to learn and disseminate knowledge, governance of innovation. It is determined that CFO tools are the ability to build competencies within financial service and delegate (dependence on individuals); actively use outsourcing (the ability to build partnerships); actively use cloud solutions (readiness of architecture, economy). Practical implications. The strengths and weaknesses of “digital managers” at the stage of formation of Industry X.0 in the conditions of virtual reality are revealed. Thus, the strengths include technological literacy and a broad outlook; knowledge of technological architecture; significant experience in project implementation; strategic thinking; understanding the impact of technology on business processes and customer/consumer behavior. The world innovation and digital spaces that form the virtual reality of Industry X.0, which specialize in the connection of digital products/services, digital engineering, digital production/operations, are indicated. Value/originality. It is proposed to implement digital transformation of the enterprise with Office 365 through: solving a number of tasks in the implementation of digital transformation project of the enterprise; taking into account the challenges and threats of implementing Office 365 for the enterprise; the expected result from the migration to Office 365; Office 365 as a tool for transformation (Office 365 E3, Enchange Online, Skype for Business, Microsoft Intune); values for entrepreneurship. The process of achieving confidentiality in digital enterprise is defined.

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innovations, Industry X.0, virtual reality, digital entrepreneurship, digitalization, digital technologies


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