Published: Jan 22, 2021

  Vadym Popko

  Yevgen Popko


The article examines the theoretical and legal foundations of economic crimes of a transnational nature formed under the influence of globalisation processes in the world, the growth of international crime and other factors. The author provides a conceptual description of transnational crime as the main category of transnational criminal law, including economic crimes. Scientific views of domestic and foreign scientists on the nature of crimes of an international nature, including criminal acts in the economic sphere are analysed; the most dangerous and widespread economic crimes are characterised. Attention is paid to the legal regulation of these relations, universal and regional conventions, other sources. The authors justify the need to criminalise transnational economic crimes in national law, regardless of whether a particular state is a party to international conventions adopted by international organisations. The authors pay special attention to the characteristics of the subjects of the crime and reveals the debatable nature of their definition, in particular, analyse the problematic nature of the recognition of a legal entity as a subject of crime. The authors use a conceptual approach to clarifying the subject of study, which determines the reasonability of theoretical research, and modern principles of scientific methodology: the principle of scientific pluralism, impartiality, comprehensiveness of research, historicism, complexity and others. A modern requirement in the methodology of science is the rejection of methodological monism, which has long been dominant in theoretical and historical studies of social (including legal) phenomena and the rejection of the ideology of scientific knowledge, which provides an objective, unbiased attitude to any legal phenomena, legal systems, etc. The purpose of the article is to provide theoretical and legal characteristics of international crime in the economic sphere, identify the transnational nature of these crimes, clarify the state of legal regulation of these relations at the international level, as well as international cooperation to combat these crimes. Based on the study and theoretical generalisation of the research topic, the authors emphasise the following conclusions: modern world problems are global in nature; economic crime transcends borders and becomes international; economic crimes of a transnational nature are recognised as socially dangerous acts that encroach on the system of social relations in the field of financial and credit, investment, information, trade, etc. activities, and have a transnational nature, i.e. go beyond one state; countering economic crimes of a transnational nature is within the internal competence of states, but international cooperation in this area also has an objective basis; the legal basis of international cooperation of states are international legal anti-criminal conventions, which define the criminal acts and obligations of states to criminalise economic crimes and provide legal assistance in criminal proceedings, in particular in extradition and transfer of accused and convicted persons, disposal of confiscated property, joint investigation and other issues.

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Popko, V., & Popko, Y. (2021). THEORETICAL AND LEGAL CHARACTERISTICS OF ECONOMIC CRIMES OF A TRANSNATIONAL NATURE. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 7(1), 93-101.
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globalization, economic crimes, transnational criminal law, domestic law, internal legislature, convention


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