Published: Dec 30, 2022

  Bogdana Vyshnivska


A strong image of the organization and its products indicates unique business abilities (special skills, abilities) that allow you to increase the value of goods and services offered to consumers. Managers of any organization or eventually start building its image, and then the sequence of their actions will be as follows: image measurement, image assessment, development of an image-building program and its implementation. Each organization performs many roles, so its image formed at different levels: socio-cultural, industry, enterprise and product level. Based on this, it is necessary to study the formation of a positive image of Ukrainian enterprises and companies. The purpose of the article is to theoretically substantiate and develop scientific and methodological provisions and practical recommendations for the improvement of the product image in the marketing product policy of the enterprise. The object of research is the brand, LLC “Industrial and commercial company SHABO". The subject of the research is the influence of the image and its perception by consumers, namely: analysis of the alcohol market of Ukraine, the place of “SHABO” in it, determining the impact of the company's image on its profit. The methodological basis are general and special methods: the systematic approach, system-structural analysis, synthesis, comparative analysis, modeling, semantic analysis, and terminological approach. The research results: most of Ukrainian scientists define the brand as an image that arises in the mind of the consumer, is associated with certain advantages of the product (service) or company, and clearly differs from competitors. The image makes a huge contribution to the formation of the image of the brand in the mind of the consumer. The practical significance of the obtained research results is that the conclusions and recommendations are of practical importance and can be used to strengthen product image in the marketing product policy of the LLC "Industrial and commercial company SHABO". Therefore, it is necessary to study the importance of the company's brand, its impact on consumers, the company's profit and the competitiveness of the company's products on the alcohol market of Ukraine and the international market.

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product image, brand, competitiveness, wine market, PEST, SWOT


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