Published: Dec 30, 2022

  Viktoriia Rudevska


The main purpose of this study is to deepen the theoretical foundations of defining the content of the concept of "customer focus" and assessing the level of customer focus, as well as to provide a practical perspective on the customer-oriented activities of the bank. The study covers a set of issues related to the allocation of customer focus as an independent object of management in the bank, characterization of the methodology for assessing the level of customer focus of the banking institution and determining the directions of improving the customer focus of the bank as an important element of the banking business, the main effect of which should be an increase in profits in the process of the bank. The methodology of the study, which reveals the topic of the article, is: analysis and synthesis of the theoretical basis for the content of the concept of "customer focus", its generalization and decomposition of approaches to defining the content of customer focus; the method of synthesis is used in the process of defining the concept. Also, in the process of research and implementation of its goals, general scientific and analytical methods of assessing the level of customer focus were used. Results. The study of the content of customer orientation based on the decomposition of different approaches to its definition allowed to formulate the author's definition of customer orientation in the bank as a tool of partnership between the bank and consumers to meet the needs of the latter, as well as to prevent their expectations, aimed at obtaining a constant long-term income by the bank due to the key competencies of its staff and the transition to a customer-oriented model of banking institution. The author's definition differs from the existing ones in that it considers customer orientation at two levels of interaction with customers: at the level of the bank as an organizational structure and at the level of personnel who contact with customers directly and indirectly, and also focuses on the bank's orientation to the desires and needs of the customer and the ability to anticipate them. Without equating the level of customer satisfaction with the level of customer focus, it can be said that there is a logical connection between these concepts and conclude that the measurement of customer NPS can be used as an indicator of customer focus. Practical implications. In the world banking practice, the introduction of NPS calculation is widely used and influences the decision-making process regarding the bank's business model, in which customer focus plays a key role. The ways of increasing the level of customer orientation of the staff and implementing a customer-oriented business model of the bank, highlighted by the author, have a wide prospect of further implementation in the activities of financial institutions.

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customer focus, Net Promoter Score, bank, customer-oriented business model of the bank


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