The article reveals the system of notaries and, accordingly, the notarial community as an important legal phenomenon of social life. The definition of notary is given in the Law "Notary in Ukraine", which offers some clarifications. From a formal standpoint, it is "a system of bodies and officials responsible for certifying rights." From the point of view of existential-humanistic positions, it is possible to impose some obligations only on a person as a subject of active responsible life. The system may remain, but people change, which makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the body. The functional responsibilities of notaries are set out in the full content of the Law, and should be clearly stated in the original definition. The notary is defined as an organization that unites notaries with a common understanding of the need to develop their inherent sense of justice in order to establish in society the legal way to regulate relations between people. A group of people united by common feelings, reinforced by a proper level of professional education, is a socio-spiritual, holistic, tsilerational and at the same time value-rational subject of the rule of law in society. There are also some clarifications regarding the definition of the functions of a notary, who is defined in the Law as a natural person. For philosophy, a person is a socio-spiritual person whose activities go far beyond his professional responsibilities. After all, in order to determine independently "facts of legal significance" and take other actions "in order to give them legal credibility", as required by law, you need to be a carrier of philosophical worldview in all its socio-cultural universal content. Hence the conclusion that the notarial community is an outstanding phenomenon of society.

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Manoylo, N. (2022). NOTARIAL COMMUNITY AS A LEGAL PHENOMENON OF SOCIETY. Baltic Journal of Legal and Social Sciences, (4), 58-67.
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Man, notary, notary, society, phenomenon, subject, law.

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