Published: Aug 31, 2022

  Liudmyla Tsymbal

  Tetyana Povreznyuk


The purpose of the article is to investigate the prospects of development of international scientific and technical cooperation of Ukraine after the war. The article presents the state of international scientific and technical cooperation of Ukraine in the prewar period. Methodology. The study is based on the comparison of data of the state bodies of Ukraine, intergovernmental economic organizations, opinions of international and Ukrainian experts, etc. The results of the study showed that Ukraine has positive prospects for the development of international scientific and technological cooperation. Numerous examples of foreign science and technology assistance during the war and initiatives to restore Ukraine after the war are illustrated. Foreign universities and various organizations provide significant support to Ukrainian students, researchers and professors who were forced to leave Ukraine as a result of the war. Many international companies in various industries offer technological support during the war and are willing to invest in the reconstruction of Ukraine in the postwar period. Practical implications. This article may be useful for the formation of the strategy of post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. Understanding the prospects for the development of international scientific and technical cooperation in Ukraine will allow to properly regulate the state policy. It will help to determine which areas of international cooperation should be given more attention, taking into account the assistance already provided by Ukraine's foreign partners. The article will be useful for companies that want to help Ukraine with their services or technology. It will help foreign partners understand what areas they should focus on when supporting Ukraine. Value/originality. The article is valuable for the people, the government and the world in understanding the prospects of Ukraine in international scientific and technical cooperation. The originality lies in the systematization of a large amount of knowledge and information on the topic. A comparison is made of the pre-war situation, the changes that are already visible, and the prospects. All this provides a holistic unique picture for a complete analysis of international scientific and technological cooperation in Ukraine.

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Tsymbal, L., & Povreznyuk, T. (2022). INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL COOPERATION OF UKRAINE IN THE POSTWAR PERIOD. Economics & Education, 7(2), 59-65.
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Ukraine, international cooperation, science, technology, education, reconstruction


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