Every manuscript is single blind peer-reviewed by our independent experts in a specific field of research. Reviewers are aware of the identity of the authors, but authors are unaware of the identity of reviewers. A single-blind review safeguards reviewers from the prospect of conflict with the author by keeping them anonymous. There are at least three or more reviewers for the total number of articles in each issue. The outcome is critical to the publication of the manuscript. Criteria of review you can find here. The process of review takes 10-15 working days. After reviewing the author receives a review report.

Based on the review, the author can receive one of the following answers:

a) the article is accepted for printing;

b) it is recommended to edit the article;

c) the author’s article is rejected.

Approving a manuscript for publication does not in any way mean that the reviewers, the editorial board and/or the publisher are consent with the authors’ point of view.

The editors have the right to correct the manuscripts, if necessary.