Published: Sep 27, 2021

  Liudmila Kozhura

  Svitlana Zadereiko

  Andrii Omelchenko


At the current stage of the development of society the problem of social protection and state support for people with disabilities is particularly relevant and requires reform and improvement. Ukraine, as a country aspiring to join the European Union, should take into account the best foreign experience of the leading countries of the world in the field of state policy to support people with disabilities and its implementation. The process of reforming the national healthcare system demonstrated the ineffective policy in this area, the high level of corruption and the inability to transform this system to the level of world standards of medical care, especially for people with disabilities. The problem of disability in Ukraine is becoming particularly acute. The goal of this article is to investigate the system of economic means of state administration of the rights of people with disabilities to healthcare, to identify the areas of budgetary management and the formation of a new mechanism of economic administration. Scientific analysis was carried out by using the method of systematic approach and analysis, which enabled us to study theoretical aspects of economic methods of state administration of the right of people with disabilities to healthcare, formation of the budget management in Ukraine for the economic security of the rights to healthcare, and features of the new mechanism of the economic administration of the right of people with disabilities to health care. It has been researched that along with administrative methods of state management of the right to health protection of people with disabilities the economic group of methods is important. These include programs of economic development of health care, rehabilitation programs for people with disabilities, implementation of pilot projects to change the mechanism of financial support for operative treatment, etc. Methods of regulating influence (indirect management) are becoming increasingly important, and economical methods of management belong to them. Implementation ensures that the financial and material interests of the management objects are satisfied through the activities of its subjects, which create favorable conditions for achieving the goals and objectives of management. For example, local self-government bodies, within the limits of their competence, can finance local programs for the development and support of community healthcare institutions. In 2019, a new mechanism of rehabilitation support for children with disabilities was introduced based on the principle of "money follows the people", which should ensure targeting, transparency and improve the quality of rehabilitation services. Resources are divided vertically among regional bodies, which divide budgetary funds among local bodies in proportion to the number of children who require rehabilitation measures, according to the place of their residence (location). The national legislation also reflects the norms that created the conditions for the implementation of the right to work of people with disabilities, as well as ratified Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the ILO Convention on professional rehabilitation. From the point of view of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, the funds allocated by the state are extremely insufficient for the uninterrupted functioning of the medical system. In its budget memorandum for 2021 the ministry has allocated twice as much – 296 billion UAH, 225 billion UAH of which for the implementation of the medical guarantee program (which is 5% of GDP, as required by the Law of Ukraine "On State Financial Guarantees of Medical Services to Population"). But the proposals of the Ministry of Health both at the time of formation of the state budget and at the time of its approval were not taken into account. The requirement of the Law of Ukraine "On State Financial Guarantees of Medical Services to the Population" for the establishment of financing of the program of medical guarantees at the level of 5% of GDP was lengthened for one more year.

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Kozhura, L., Zadereiko, S., & Omelchenko, A. (2021). SYSTEM OF ECONOMIC MEANS OF STATE ADMINISTRATION OF THE RIGHTS OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES TO HEALTHCARE. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 7(4), 101-107.
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economical methods, public administration, rights of persons with disabilities, budget management, economic mechanism, social protection, healthcare


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