Yuriy Radelytskyy

  Yuliya Popivnyak

  Zoryana Tenyukh


Research subject. The subject in this article is theoretical, methodical and applied aspects of state management of banks’ capitalization in Ukraine, a consideration which allows the estimate efficiency of Ukrainian banks refinancing and recapitalization, as well as to enunciate practical recommendations concerning an increase of their capitalization level. The purpose is an analysis of government support measures for the domestic bank system; furthermore the search for additional sources of financing bank funds and the development of capitalization level increase in conditions of social and economic transformations. Methodology. In the research there are used general scientific methods of learning economic facts and the use of processes in their steady development and correlation: logic analysis, methods of scientific abstraction, induction, deduction, optimization, grouping and comparison, as well as graphic and tabular methods. Results. The questions of government control in the bank system in the period of the world financial crisis is researched on international level by the Financial Stability Council, Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, specialists of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. As a result of relative novelty of these problems only a small number of researches is devoted to the use of government bank support instruments and therefore further development of this topic has practical value for improving the renewal mechanisms of financial stability and reliability of the bank system in Ukraine. After the analysis of the government control measures of the domestic bank capitalization, since 2009, and the effectiveness of budget resources segregation on refinancing and recapitalization of bank institutions in Ukraine (including crisis period), it was found out that these mechanisms, unfortunately, did not change much the situation on the bank market. Taking into account the unstable political situation in Ukraine and its military conflict with Russia, which has influenced the inflation growth, depreciation of the national currency and panic outflow of deposits, furthermore the forecast of an intensified bank crisis is used as confirmation to the problems with liquidity and bankruptcy of numerous groups of the domestic banks. Therefore advisable is working of a structural and logical scheme of banks’ capitalization level increase, which consists of a selection of four categories of banks after stress-testing the measures of obligatory capitalization or processes of amalgamation and merging: financially consistent and reliable; 2) problem; 3) insolvent; 4) bad (helpless) banks. Conclusions. Realization of problem banks’ recapitalization with participation of the government is one of the possible variants of initiatives in handling the economic crisis’ condi-tions. Nevertheless, problems with deposit-returns and debt-discharges are better to solve by refinancing and restricting their liabilities than by recapitalization. In authors’ opinion, more reasonable methods of banks’ additional capitalization-financing is attracting resources from privatization of state property and introduces new activation mechanisms of citizens savings used, particularly for converting deposits of artificial and physical bodies in hryvni and dollars into the preference shares of domestic banks.

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Radelytskyy, Y., Popivnyak, Y., & Tenyukh, Z. (2017). THE PECULIARITIES OF STATE MANAGEMENT OF BANKS CAPITALIZATION IN UKRAINE. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 2(5), 68-76.
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bank, bank capital, capitalization level, recapitalization, refinancing, National Bank of Ukraine, preference shares.


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