Published: Oct 12, 2018

  Serhiy Shkarlet

  Maksym Dubyna

  Olena Zhuk


The financial services market is an integral part of the national economy of any country. This causes the existence of the objectively available interconnection between the said systems. That is why, by the transformation of the outlined market, some changes in the functioning of the national economy and vice versa take place. The outlined processes become the most comprehensible in the process of studying of issues of the financial services market development in the environment of the active introduction of the information technology by financial companies in their work, that is, generally in the era of the information economy development. That is why, in view of the above, within the work, the purpose of the study was defined as follows: the identification and substantiation of the determinants of the financial services market transformation within the information economy. To achieve this goal, the following tasks were set and solved: to define the essence of the information technology market; to identify the nature of the information economy; to substantiate the advantages of information technologies introducing in the field of the financial services for their consumers and producers; to find out the main transformational processes in the financial services market functioning, which occur as a result of the active introduction of new information technologies in the field of financial services provision. Method. The classic methods of scientific research are used in the article, among which are the following: observation, abstraction, comparison, systematic approach, analysis, and synthesis. Results. The peculiarities of the financial services market development in Ukraine are investigated; the characteristic features of the influence of the information technologies introduction in the sphere of providing the financial services on their consumers and producers activity are analysed. The main determinants of the financial services market functioning during the era of the information economy development were also identified, which include the following: the introduction of the online platforms for the customers servicing, improving the quality of the banking settlement and cash services, change in the process of granting loans to the economic actors. The reasons for such changes and their peculiarities are substantiated. Practical implications. The obtained results form the theoretical basis for the knowledge of the financial services market transformations in the process of the active development of information technologies and allow determining the basic trends of such changes. Also, the results of the study provide an opportunity to identify further trends in the changing financial services market, models of the financial intermediaries’ functioning, and use this knowledge by planning and forecasting the financial intermediaries’ activities. Value/originality. The conducted research is relevant, taking into consideration the total impact of the information technology on the development of all spheres of the society, takes into account the peculiarities of the financial services market development under the pressure of such technologies. This research was carried out within the framework of the scientific work implementation of the Department of Finance, Banking, and Insurance of Chernihiv National University of Technology (No. 0115U001149) on the topic: “Financial stability of the economic systems in the crisis conditions of management”.

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