Published: Dec 18, 2018

  Oksana Redkva

  Olha Haran

  Liudmyla Prystupa


The purpose of the article is to develop and systematize the theoretical foundations of state regulation of economic competition in Ukraine and to identify the priority vectors for the implementation of the national competition policy. Methodology. In the given work, the questions of the state regulation of economic competition in the national economy of Ukraine are considered through the prism of the indication of the purpose and role of state regulation in this area; through the definition of the system of participants in the competitive environment; through the factors that focused the competitive struggle between domestic producers are noted. Results. Our analysis allows us to assert that the leading role in the functioning of a healthy competitive environment belongs to a state that is able to create all the necessary preconditions for its proper development of competition in a rational economy and to ensure stable positions of economic entities by its economic and legal instruments. The development and improvement of the institutional and legal framework for the regulation of competition increase the competitiveness of the national economy. Practical implications. In the case, when the competition, regulated by law, achieves a balance between supply and demand, and ultimately between social needs and production. Its role is to provide an optimal balance of interests, prevent the acquisition of super-profits by business entities and ensure the standard level of goods’ quality and the necessary volumes of commodity content of the market. Under such conditions, the competitive activity of state bodies is aimed to create and develop a competitive environment, protecting competition, antimonopoly regulation in order to increase the competitiveness of economic entities, stimulating the efficiency of production, better meeting the needs of the consumer. Value/originality. The obtained theoretical and practical results illustrate the state of state regulation of economic competition in Ukraine, which allows predicting the main directions of improvement of mechanisms of influence on the competitive environment of the national economy.

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Redkva, O., Haran, O., & Prystupa, L. (2018). DETERMINANTS OF STATE REGULATION OF THE COMPETITIVENESS OF MODERN NATIONAL ECONOMIES. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 4(4), 265-273.
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economic competition, state regulation, economy, competitive environment


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