Published: Dec 2, 2022


The article explores the issues of revival of Ukrainian regions through the synergy of three key elements – science, business and municipal governance. The experience of South Korea is taken as a basis, in particular, the creation and development of Innopolis Deadeok. The methods of analysis and synthesis are used in the study. On the basis of the study relevant recommendations are provided for local authorities, businesses and universities on maintaining the necessary responsibilities and expected steps to create technoparks in Ukraine in which the entire cycle of innovation activity should be carried out – from the emergence and development of an idea to the release of finished knowledge-based products. Prospects for further research consist in the necessity to legislate the powers of local governments in the field of promoting the innovation activities of technoparks.

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Ogorodnikova, I., & Kolosov, O. (2022). REVIVAL OF UKRAINIAN REGIONS: SCIENCE, BUSINESS, MUNICIPAL GOVERNANCE. THE EXPERIENCE OF SOUTH KOREA. Baltic Journal of Legal and Social Sciences, (3), 59-69.
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technopark, science, business, municipal governance, innovation, network clustering, economics, regional innovation cluster

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