L. Karmyzova
B. Baranovsky

The monograph is devoted to the survey of urban vascular flora in Dnipro city, its key biotopes. The Dnipro city territory is represented by watershed-gully and valley-gully landscapes typical for the Steppe zone of Ukraine as well as valley-terrace landscape of the Dnieper river, which, like other rivers in Europe, is characterized by a high level of biodiversity. The modern flora has a southern character that reflects the zonal features of flora of the city as a subarid territory.
Under modern conditions, the vegetation of most watershed-gully landscapes has been radically transformed and remained unchanged partially on gully territories. In this case, studies of both native (reference) and transformed ecosystems, including for the protection and restoration of gully systems, are of great importance. A detailed study of flora and vegetation, the processes of their transformation and renewal, is an important modern task.

Karmyzova L., Baranovsky B. Flora of the Dnipro city. Monograph. Rīga, Izdevniecība “Baltija Publishing”, 2020. 120 с.

Cover for FLORA OF THE DNIPRO CITY: monograph
November 20, 2020